At Sea

I close my eyes because I want it all to stop

to stop

to fucking stop

just for a moment I don’t want to see all the things I know are going to happen

If I close my eyes I can fool myself into thinking that I can change it all away

I can think

I can think

I can fucking think (out-think) my way out of anything if I just had a few minutes of peace and quiet

and then

and when the quiet comes

the quiet comes in dark

dark and cool

dark and calm

like fresh sheets

like my bed

I want to sleep

I want to sleep for an hour

for a day

for a hundred fucking years

and wake up different

wake up with a sense of direction

with a hope that is a hope I can believe in

and not just something we tell ourselves when shit becomes hopeless


but also oblivion

I want to be able to breathe underwater

and exhale


Written by: SND 

Walkerson or we riot!

Walkerson or we riot!

Kit Harrington oozes sex while selling Jimmy Choo!

Auggie. ‘nuff said. 

Auggie. ‘nuff said. 

Annie Badass Walker.

Annie Badass Walker.

I love how McQuaid is calling Annie out. 

I love how McQuaid is calling Annie out. 


Shanimal killing it on the drums!


"You don’t know? Then I’m an even bigger fool. You think you’re in control? If these people can do this to me, what chance do you think you have?” - Khalid Ansari

Annie Walker is bottled chaos personified. There is no such thing as control, only a slow downward spiral of self destruction - of herself, her relationships, for what? How much more can she sacrifice before she breaks?


Initially done for the #CovertAffairsCountdown the first pic has 47 looks of love, because the way Annie looks at Auggie is all that. This is the only aspect for which I’m actually glad she’s taking advantage of the fact that he can’t see. She can really show an ocean of emotions.

And this season, she’s at it again, still going strong.

Not everything has to make sense.
Not everything has to be perfect.
Not everything has to be pretty.
Not everything has to rhyme.
Not everything has to fit.
Not everything has to be punctuated.
Not everything has to be sung out loud.
Not everything has to be danced to.
Not everything has to be…

I wrote this a few years back and I kind of really dig it. Every now and again I’ll stumble and fumble and say something that actually deserves repeating.